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"Make your money work for you" is such common personal finance advice that it borders on being cliché. In fact, almost everyone can find at least one way to put their money to work.

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The homeowners have a love for art and, with our guidance, were able to start their collection.And, he advises, "Don't have more than three to six months sitting in cash.People like the comfort of money in cash because they're burned from 20, but inflation will eat away at your cash.Branching out beyond your own home "depends on your market and the appetite for rental real estate," Gould says."In most markets, if you can handle the headaches and there's room, it's an option." But in the spirit of diversifying your assets, Gould says to bear in mind that many homeowners already find real estate to be the largest asset in their portfolio, and cautions would-be real estate investors to be wary of weighting their portfolios too heavily toward one kind of asset.Another way to reap the benefits of a successful new startup without the stress of getting a company off the ground is to become a silent partner who invests capital but doesn't handle any of the day-to-day operations. You won't have any say in how the company is run or the daily decisions active employees make.

But you'll earn a cut of any profits the business makes without putting in any long hours.

That doesn't only mean sinking tens of thousands of dollars into grad school.

Making yourself more marketable as an employee or professional might be as simple as joining a workshop to improve your public speaking or taking a class to master Microsoft Excel.

Over time, Gould says, worrying dips in the market should even out, resulting in an overall gain.

To take advantage of this effect, though, you have to leave your investments alone.

Below, Business Insider rounded up eight methods to get you started.